My Rose Colored Glasses

My Rose Colored Glasses

I find myself reminiscing, as old men do,

about the things in my life that use to be true

Back when I was driven by pure passion,

wore odd and strange clothes that I called fashion

Took every chance I could to stick it to the man

daydreamed of smoking weed while driving to Cali in a Chevy Van

After, I said a final “f-u” to my Boss

Worst case I’d seek sanctuary in the order of the Rosy Cross 

Just making it through another day is a chore

Now, it is 40 yrs later and in my life it is the 4th quarter

and I will never be honored to be  member of that order

and I don’t  have what it takes to even the score

I will never be the MVP QB of my life, throwing game winning passes

these sad truths blind me every time I take off- My Rose Colored Glasses

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson   1/15/19

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