Pick Your Battles Wisely

Pick Your Battles Wisely

Does everything around you need your attention or can you leave something to time? 

Is it necessary to spend your energy and resources in defendingevery decision or can you just leave it to time?

Why is it necessary to prove yourself to every critic who chooses to offer a feedback?

While I always believed in justifying my stand, working hard to please people and making sure I convinced my inner circle aboutwhat and why of things I do; several recent experiences have forced me to reflect over this thought-process. It does not mean not conveying or expressing my ideas, but it translates to not defending every stand when it is not necessary to say the least. While walking through the maze of our life, it is essential to choose our battles wisely in order to concentrate over what is important. You may not be able to explain your every move. Besides, many a times explaining this move is more stressful than the actual energy needed for the work. Then why do we choose to spend our crucial resources over something that is not essential? I do not intend to promote lack of communication or limited interaction with our own people, but only to convey what is necessary. We often tend to overthink and over-analyze without realizing the primary purpose of doing so. 

Paying attention to unnecessary thoughts and walking around aimlessly in our own maze of unending beliefs takes us nowhere. At times like these, it is important to concentrate on the work at hand. It may not be possible to make everyone understand, but it is always possible to realize why we choose to do certain things. By picking up what is important from what is not we are able to conserve our energy for practical and useful purposes. Communication or expression is not the only form ofinteraction that needs conscious attention. We should be able to differentiate the correct timing of everything. Is it necessary to overthink about an incident in the past and generate absolutely useless range of feelings? Often our mind manages to jump to the most irrelevant places in our flow of thoughts. We find it easy to dig into the past or end up thinking about some worry of the future. Though none of these thoughts manage to take us anywhere, we tend to like the idea of living either into the future or in the past. As one of the resolutions of picking my battles wisely, I have chosen to pick the present over the future or the past. Concentrating on the present ensures adequate investment of efforts at the right time for the right cause and in the right proportion. 

Choose what is important for yourself and then invest your valuable resources. Because not everything is worth bothering your precious self and not everything needs attention always, every time and forever. Pick the important from the unimportant, choose to fight and defend only that which feels essential and quit troubling your body for everything. Leave some things to time, it will convey the right from the wrong.



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