Where is my VOICE

Where is my “VOICE?

To complain, To ask for my rights

To marry my choice, To demand my education

 Where is my “VOICE”?

In decision making, In dissenting

In disapproving, In this patriarchal society

Where is my “VOICE”?

To be first in the queue of life,

To be a hero within my gender,

To be a part of this world in every dimension of life,

To be an equal partner in every relation of mine

Where is my “VOICE”?

To tell the pain I carry throughout my life

To tell the scars of every night

To tell my story as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, and so on.


I am a Girl, I am a Women, 

I am a fighter

But, Where is my “VOICE”?

Author Profile – Bhagyashree Saini, a survivor of Child Marriage ( Women and Child rights Activist) is from Rajasthan, India. She pursued her master’s degree in Public Administration and got herself certified in International Women’s Health and Human rights from Stanford University, Child rights from Harvard University and Gender & Sexuality issues from University of British Columbia. She currently writes on platforms like “UNICEF”, “International youth journal”, “Story Mirror”, “Women Web”, “Youth ki aawaz” etc. with main focus on issues related to Child marriage, women and child rights. She had also been associated with Pratham NGO for education of dropout girls . She is serving as a “Women and Child Wing President” in National youth council of India. Her other research include’s International Women and Child rights, Gender & Sexuality and tribal issues.