The Rise of The 4th Reich

The Rise of The 4th Reich

US Federal Troops and Mercenaries
are abducting US citizens regardless of the stigma that carries
Based on reasons made out of thin air
and taking them to God knows where
This is equivalent of burning the US Constitution
and lord knows we don’t need any more air pollution
The US President and US Attorney General in this act are both complicit
while votes from the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s they solicit
Moms and other peaceful protesters have been permanently blinded
and about this fact people need to be constantly reminded
To Trump and his administration lying to Congress has become their new pass time
while the GOP does nothing as they sit on their hands watching from the side line
All of the above fascist activities are beginning to spike
and I am afraid that this is-The Rise of The 4th Reich

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 8/4/20

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