At This Time….

At This Time….

Life has been playing us hard of late.

It has been running through my mind that these feel like biblical days of trials and tribulations.

I guess that this season should not be surprising, after we have lost ourselves in reality TV, and the “it feels good at the moment, let’s try this new thing and see what happens attitude” that keeps us stimulated.

Expecting a pandemic is a bit much, but we should have seen the demonstration of hatred become overt and comfortable for many.

Lies made into weak truths and life and death played out like horror movies.  All of this can make most days seem heavier…

But still we are a sturdy lot.

We bury our dead and forge ahead in the fight for right, no matter the cost.  Speaking the truth loud and clear while stepping up to the plate to swing again for justice.

Undeniably stronger than we ever imagined, though sometimes unsteady and sad, we can find a smile or even laughter while we love, hope and stay the course.

Yes, life has been dealing some challenging hands, but we are built to withstand the torrent rushing us.

We are survivors, warriors, and believers so we hold on..

Not to be messed with, it will not get too hard for us to continue to stand.


Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash