DONALD J TRUMP: A Final Analysis

DONALD J TRUMP: A Final Analysis

“Legacy is everything you leave behind” Regie Gibson

Let us delve into the legacy of President Donald J Trump as America has seen in real time-

I am thinking that most of us can come to terms with the fact that Donald J. Trump lacks leadership. That he is, in the words of a great humanitarian and former president, Jimmy Carter “an illegitimate president.’ After nearly four years under the great people divide of this sitting president, the world knows that truer words have never been spoken. Donald J. Trump bears the brunt of just how much America has fallen in its lack for democracy, lack of trust in its alliance to our country’s’ allies and his outright debasing of America’s constitution, that “ All men are created equal. “

In getting to the bare bones of inclusion, might I add that all men, women, and children are equal, no matter their race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or political preference? We are all created equally, and we are all deserving of respect and appreciation for a democracy in a country that allows us to live in our freedoms.

The legacy of Donald J. Trump, an impeached president whose American values seems to have dissipated, will be an ugly stain for the history books. Up to no good since his 2016 election, the man has literally been a menace to America’s society, in the worst way. I will touch upon a few- 

Numerous attempts to destroy Obamacare and gut Medicaid and Medicare for the elderly, without a healthcare plan of his own. Sending ICE officials to arrest and tear immigrant families apart, forever changing the lives of these families, putting their children and babies in cages. This president, who aligns himself with dictators and murderers, like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung UN, and Mohammed bin Salman is a menace to America’s democracy. 

Our present America consists of a hostile environment of “them vs us”, as in white America versus a black and brown America. This terrible regime of hate and divisiveness; of pain and loss; lies and deceit; money and greed; power over country; lack of respect for our fellow Americans and the denial that climate change is real, continues.

The demeaning narratives regarding Black Lives Matter, and the in- your-face support of white Supremacists and racist police officers whose very mission borders on racial profiling and blatant murder of black citizens, continues. It has been seven months and the Coronavirus rages on. Stopping our economic sustainability dead in its tracks. Stripped our children of their education in a school setting which ultimately impedes their growth and wellbeing. Children need those healthy relationships with other children to form lifelong friendships. And sadly, reports of violence against children in the homes have surfaced to the forefront.

From January 29th thru February 23rd, Donald J Trump knew about the deadly virus. He admits as much in released interviews. He said that by not informing the American people, his intent was to avoid fear. He said this to the people:

“Stay calm. It will go away”

“We have it totally under control”

“We’re in great shape”

“One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear”

“This is their new hoax” referring to Democrats

“What we want to do is terminate it”

“No, I don’t take responsibility”

“The testing has been amazing, actually”

Today, the world recognizes that there is a new sheriff in the leadership of our country. Vice president elect Joe Biden and the first woman of color, a formidable black female of Indian American descent, Kamala Harris, who will serve as vice president, will choose their teams of experts in every form of government to combat coronavirus, undo damaging Trump policies and bring peace and calm back to our country. Black women, Latino and Asian women, as well as suburban white women, were hugely involved in getting out the votes to make our country better. The people came out in this election, in support of change! While Trump and his Republican cohorts continue to delay the inevitable, change the perception of their reality by filing baseless lawsuits and refusing to concede this election to Joe Biden, ultimately truth will prevail.

There are over 240K people dead from this pandemic and so many more affected, but if we continue to follow the guidelines to ensure our safety; understand the importance of wearing masks, safe distancing, listening to the medical experts, under new leadership in the WH, the people will see a resolution to this deadly crisis. In peace and solidarity. 

Clara B. Freeman

Clara B. Freeman is an author and activist living in the Midwest. Follow her on Twitter at C50something.

Photo by Sean Ferigan on Unsplash