Insurrection Blues

Insurrection Blues

Thousands of people stormed the Capitol with guns, bombs and zip ties
all because they believe Trump’s voter suppression lies

Hoping to pull off a B&E without any repercussions
about that they needed to have more discussions

Because now they’re on the FBI’s most wanted list
being arrested even when they physically resist

On the way to jail they wail and moan
about a failed coup attempt in hopes for Biden to be dethroned

These idiots were returning to their Village
to live a life of White Privilege

But, Queen Karma said not so fast
and gave them a deserved kick in the a…

Now, screwed by any metric you choose
and in their cells singing the-
Insurrection Blues

Hussein Ali Hill-Jonhson 1/11/21

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash