A Song In The Key Of Insanity

A Song in the Key of Insanity

MAGA and QAnon folks are still supporting Trump
who turned this county into a dump

They wear safety belts for their protection because it is a simple task  
but refuse to wear a face mask  

Numerous conspiracy theories and rumors they have said  
like the one about JFK Jr. returning from the dead  

The GOP has taken the concept of retro to far    
and on the body politic this has left a permanent scar  

Trying to turn back the hands of time  
is against the will of the divine  

Taking away people’s right to vote    
this will cause things in this nation to end on a bad note  

Forcing women to return to getting abortions in back-alley ways  
the way they did in the old days  

I am slowly losing my faith in humanity  
because life in America is now A Song In The Key Of Insanity

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 12/4/21

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Photo by Morgan Von Gunten on Unsplash