Drum Beats In The Distance

Drum Beats In The Distance

Drum Beats In The Distance
their echo in my mind verify their existence

Like a runner’s pulse rate they quicken
suddenly my heart with fear is stricken

Because I see the hand writing on the wall
and in the past this as meant bodies will fall

These love notes from hell before
have been the precursor to war

Young people sent off to die
sometimes all due to a lie

Innocent Mothers and Babies are too often killed
their life’s missions left unfulfilled

Love ones left to deal with the loss
all because Satan wants to be the Boss

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 10/29/17

Author Biography:

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson, has been a poet since he was a freshman in high school back in 1973. However; he has enjoyed a personal “Renaissance Period” over the last 28 months. During this time he has created 170 poems, 80 of which have been published on-line. The addition of the -Johnson to his name is to honor his Mother, a short story writer and her side of his family. He can be contacted on twitter at @theoralbuffet and via e-mail at [email protected].

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