Don’t Know, Don’t Care

Recently, I came across a t-shirt, printed with these words. While initially, it appeared as a rude statement laced with anger, attitude, ego and selfishness, I pondered about it for a while. Though one may interpret its meaning in different ways, depending on the situation and circumstance; I was tempted to look at its positive side. While ‘Don’t know, don’t care’ is a declaration of staying away from a particular situation in hand, it talks about detachment from matters that are not of primary concern. Many a times, we are pushed into making comments or holding an opinion about aspects pertaining to others. This statement is a reference to stay aloof from those situations. If we engage into every possible little aspect in life, we may lose our focus from major goals. This makes it essential to prioritize and define our ambitions well. Though this attitude does not translate into selfishness or loneliness, it simply prompts one to make a clear plan for one’s own life. As painters of our own life, it is important to set goals for ourselves. If we fail to define our own priorities, we may unknowingly find ourselves in a trap, draining away our energy and enthusiasm. Every single minute detail cannot be taken care of, as the bigger picture demands our attention. ‘Don’t know, don’t care’ is a reminder to stay away from those aspects that do not translate into any significant value. Society around us often tends to involve us into age-old customs and beliefs. While this does not mean that we must disrespect our elders or go against their wishes, it only talks about the need to open our eyes and believe in what is best for us. Satisfying the belief of others or working towards their happiness is not possible always, as inner happiness is the true source of joy. Standing firm over our own words, ideas, plans and desires depict the confidence in us. It is practically impossible to be all over the place and perform tasks that do not appeal to us. At times like these, we must be able to follow our heart and invest into constructive ideas for our future. One of the most common troubles of being overly engaged into people or situations that do not concern us is the involvement of our time, feelings and emotions. As we attempt to offer our opinions, be involved and hope to influence the situation in our own way, we may hurt ourselves in the process. It is very essential to hold the key to our own heart and mind. By allowing others to enter into our inner circle of influence, we may give way to disappointment, sorrow, tears and regret. It is necessary to draw lines and focus on our own ambitions too. While it does not mean that we stay away from our family or loved ones, it prompts us to manage all our commitments well. Every activity has a correct time, by performing our duties in an appropriate manner, we can ensure happiness and peace in life. Embrace these words of ‘Don’t know, Don’t care’ for the right occasion and right people, after all there is more to life than toiling behind unnecessary worries or insignificant concerns.


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