It all Happens at the Right Time

Many a times we find ourselves waiting for a desired result or an awaited moment of success. As it is impossible to control every single event in our life or govern over every domain with our command, it is essential to harbor patience and confidence. Everything happens at the right time or the perfect moment designated by the universe, making it far away from our reach. While this right time or moment is not within our schedule, we can only hope and wish for the best. After investing our efforts and hard work in the right direction, we can expect our share of success; without knowing its date of arrival. All it needs is patience and trust, as everything will fall into place at the right time.
Impatience, anxiousness, restlessness, frustration, disappointment and a long list of negative factors born out of this anxious wait can only add to the worries. Instead, waiting with patience and confidence reflects our preparation for the best. No matter how many moments we spend in anticipation, the desired result or event will only occur at its correct time. Many a times, such an unexpected delay or an unavoidable circumstance leads us to sorrow and disappointment, only to realize that the wait was truly worth it. As every single event in our life has a significant purpose behind it, the wait for its arrival also has a reason of its own.
This aspect holds true for almost all the happenings in our life. Be it exam results or promotion at work, be it significant decisions about family or desired goals of assets, there is a right time and a right manner for every event that occurs. While restlessness and impatience will spoil these significant events of our life, it is extremely essential to wait for the perfect moment with bated breath. We cannot command over the arrival time but we can certainly work towards its fulfilment. While the ‘when’ is not under our control the ‘how’ certainly is. Spending our energy and time behind the arrival will only drain away our essential resources. Instead, we must concentrate on the factors that are within our reach. After pouring our share of efforts, we must wait for the remaining players to do their bit. Only after every single factor falls into the right place, we can enjoy the fruits of success.
Though we often fail to recognize its value, time is truly one of the most significant participants behind any project. When time casts its spell and ensures the smooth proceeding of the event, we can expect happiness and joy. During moments of stagnancy, when the going seems tough and life appears to halt completely, our trust over time is the perfect solution to retain the spirit. By inviting disappointment due to delay, we may lose our momentum and interest in the process. While this restlessness will not yield any result at all, it will only add to the pile of sorrows. Our anxious wait for one project may spoil the flow of the next one. This makes it essential to concentrate on matters in hand, without thinking about the aspects that are out of reach.
Perform your job, invest your hard work, stick to your goals and wait for the right moment of result, after all working hard is your job, but reaching out to you at the appropriate moment is the job of TIME.


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