Ideas And Executions


Actions, experiences, lessons, happiness – are at the corner of ideas and execution

Brilliant ideas give way to remarkable achievements. Every marvelous thing around us today is born out of some unique, yet unbelievable idea- thought about, once upon a time.

While ideas and innovations have led us to successful outputs, they are not restricted to certain domains alone. Every sphere of our life is governed by the desire to do something different. Instead of following herd mentality along the walk of our routine, we must drive ourselves towards some uniqueness. It does not translate into discovering the unknown or inventing novel aspects in a laboratory. Innovations are not just about science, technology or matters of the virtual world.

Ideas are essential for our daily life too. If we follow the usual routine of work all through our life, we will not be able to experience the fun and thrill of being at it. While it is essential to stick to our course of work for a living, it does not mean we cannot make certain positive changes or beneficial improvements along the path. Unless we think about some impactful upgrades into our system- be it ideas for saving or managing the budget, ideas to pursue a new hobby or involve in some new activity; we cannot extract the joy of life.

All the action and lessons of life are located at the corner of ideas and execution. We must think about making some useful changes or attempting few novel activities in our routine to move towards improvement. Often, we tend to settle in a comfort zone, not allowing any action or adventure into our lives.
It does not mean we need to take difficult risks or unnecessary daring acts to prove it to others. It simply relates to doing things for our own good. By adopting some new ideas and working towards their outcome, we are able to learn a lot in the process.

But does that mean harboring novel ideas or day-dreaming about them is all we need? If we do not work towards converting them to reality, what is the outcome of it all? Many a times, we tend to have great and out-of-the-world ideas in our head, only to forget about it at the next moment. Imagining unrealistic ideas is not harmful, but it may form a habit, urging you to stay away from practical activities. Rather than just thinking, it is important to plan about the execution part too. Only after we work towards practical shade of our ideas, we can come across the challenges, thrill, joy and satisfaction.
Either our ideas may fail or turn out to be successful. In both the cases, they will always yield some output. Failure can guide us about the incorrect steps, while success can leave a beneficial protocol to be followed ahead. Instead of creating a web of thoughts and ideas in the mind, it is essential to convert them to reality too. Only when ideas meet execution, we can expect to reach somewhere.

All ideas and no work is simply a waste of time. While on the other hand, no ideas and only work is a monotonous ride over a boring path.
If we train ourselves to combine the two, we can experience the joy of living. Put your ideas to work to meet happiness and satisfaction, right at the next corner!


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