Confessions Of A Bad Relationship

How may I express the inner turmoil I feel, when I don’t know how I can survive without you? You are all I have ever wanted in my life. You brought me such joy and happiness, but now it appears to have only been temporary. I was attracted to you from the very beginning. You were all I thought of, and everyone I knew thought you were the best thing for me. You embodied glamor, beauty, freedom, and even hope.

Over time I came to the realization that you were not what I envisioned you to be. On the outside you appealed to everyone, and your allure was mesmerizing. It seems that everyone you touch is seduced by your presence.., but I have come to know you for who you really are. How will I explain my detachment from you, when everyone seems to covet you so dearly?
Yes, I was sucked into your twisted, perverted world without even realizing it. The personal demands you have imposed on me have become too much to endure. I have learned how you manipulate people and judge people without cause, like a hustler in a futile game. I observe how you toy with people’s emotions, and poison their self-worth. Those involved with you are oblivious to your heartless deception.
If only they could comprehend your lack of compassion, your ability to seduce through a cunning facade, they would understand your fictitious entrapment. You care nothing about the difficulties people must endure. I have come to despise your existence, but I am addicted by my need to possess you. I don’t know how to live without you. I find myself engulfed in a state that is often confused, but compelled at the same time.
This co-dependency is surely unhealthy, but there seems no escape. My love-hate relationship with you is shared by others, yet there is no one to confide in to help me rid myself of your bondage. Should I bite the bullet, and just be grateful for what you can offer? Should I accept the little pleasures you bring in my life, ignoring that I deserve more?
I must face the glaring truth. The happiness and serenity I seek, is being restricted by my obsessive involvement with you. I will commit to exposing your illusive power! I want everyone to know the truth about you. You do not belong with the living! You are corrupt, a scam, and I now perceive you as a Bad Dream. One day your name will represent the meaning of Corruption and Deceit!
Money.., I do not Love you anymore!

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