Mourn Me Not

Mourn Me Not*

When my time comes mourn me not for I am not gone I am with you forever at the first light of dawn
And every Summer as the sun does set I am with you-on this you can bet

I am with  you when the Daffodils return every year in early spring and every time you hear a church bell ring

Every time you hear a baby cry and when you eat a cobbler or sweet fruit pie

Whenever a Football game kicks-off or you get a visit from Old Jack Frost

I will be present on Christmas Day or whenever you hear the laughter of children at play

You will no longer be able to see me with your eyes however; if you heart is open I may stop by as a surprise 

‘Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson  5/21/19 

*This an Homage to all the Romance period Poets. “I mourn you not for you are not gone-in my heart you live on.” 

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